• 参加PSAT考试.
  • Register carefully for second semester courses. Take the most demanding program you can manage successfully. Your junior year academic record is vitally important. 评估它,并尝试加强对你来说比较困难的领域的技能. Pay particular attention to 英语 and math skills.
  • 通过查阅提供广泛的大学信息的书籍,开始建立一个大学列表. Also consult websites like www.美国大学.com.
  • Participate in visits that college representatives make to ICJA. Prepare a list of questions in advance based on what matters to you.
  • Investigate and attend area college fairs.
  • Explore taking an SAT/ACT review course.
  • 考虑参加12月或2月的ACT和/或12月或1月的SAT I.
  • 第一次报名参加非周六考试的学生必须在纸上报名,不能在网上报名. Along with the paper registration materials, 每个学生都必须寄一封信,证明他或她的宗教信仰禁止周六考试. 信和纸质注册材料可在指导办公室获得.


  • Explore taking an SAT/ACT review course.
  • 安排并参加4月和/或6月的ACT和/或3月、5月和/或6月的SAT I.
  • 一些名牌大学要求学生提交两到三份SAT ii(学科考试)的成绩。. Check the requirements at schools that interest you. 如果你要完成一门AP课程或一门荣誉级别的课程,可以考虑参加SAT II. Note that certain SAT IIs are not offered on all SAT testing dates.
  • 开始起草个人论文,建立一份澳门威尼斯人网上赌场你的活动和兴趣的学术简历.
  • Register carefully for senior year courses. Take the most demanding program you can productively handle. 每学期至少注册四门大学预科课程(如果你考虑的是名牌大学,可以注册五门课程).
  • 参观大学. 在每次访问时,填写访客卡,参加信息会议,并参观校园. To get a feel for each campus, 在自助餐厅用餐, 参观图书馆, talk with students in the student union, 参观希勒尔, 等. Schedule a formal interview, if offered. Meet with a faculty member if you have a particular area of interest.
  • 找一份暑期工作, investigate summer programs at colleges, or consider a summer program in Israel or elsewhere.
  • 留意你的邮件,获取学生信息问卷的副本,它将为老师和大学辅导员提供背景信息,他们将为你准备推荐信.
  • Schedule an appointment with the college counselor and your parents.
  • 开始确定并会见老师和其他你会要求写推荐信的人. The most helpful letters are those written by teachers who know you the best, and who can include specific examples of your contributions and achievements.



  • 重要事项:提交“记录版本, Recommendation Authorization, 及由学生及家长签署的“放弃查阅推荐书权利”表格(如学生未满18岁). 没有这个签名表格, ICJA不能合法地向大学和奖学金项目发布学生成绩单和推荐信.
  • Draft your personal statement and supplemental essays, and update your resume with your summer activities.
  • Arrange for teachers to write recommendations. At least one month before the recommendation is due, 向每位老师提供一个贴上邮票的信封,地址是学院的招生主任,以及每所学院的推荐表格, 如果有的话. Ask teachers to mail their recommendations directly to the colleges.
  • Begin to formulate your short list – the schools to which you will apply.
  • When you have finalized your college list, 通过大学网站获取申请——有些申请可以下载, 很多都可以在网上提交. 如果你在网上申请,一定要制作一份完整的申请文件的副本.
  • Begin submitting applications. For each application to be processed, 填写大学申请处理表格和申请清单表格. 把他们和你想让ICJA提交的材料带到你和大学辅导员的会议上. Be sure you have completed all student portions of every form. 所有材料必须在大学截止日期前至少三周提交. It is your responsibility to pay attention to all deadlines.
  • Register for the SAT/ACT for September through 1月. 提前行动/提前决定考生必须确保分数及时到达大学,以便提前审查. When in doubt, contact the college admissions office.
  • 要求将“官方”ACT/SAT成绩发送给尚未收到成绩单的大学. 你可以在网上完成,也可以在ICJA大学澳门威尼斯人网上赌场中心获得额外的分数报告表.
  • 访问ICJA的大学代表.
  • Visit selected college campuses.
  • 警惕奖学金机会:利用可靠的搜索引擎,如www.fastweb.com Do not pay anyone or any company for scholarship/financial aid assistance.
    如果你有一个明确的第一选择,不需要比较经济援助, submit an early decision application.
  • 应用 to rolling admissions institutions. 记住,在实行滚动录取政策的学院和大学里,尽早(最好是在10月中旬)收到申请是至关重要的, including many state universities.
  • If you are considering a “gap year” program, continue to follow the regular college application process. 一旦你被你选择的大学录取,申请延期一年. Be certain of the deferral policies of each of your colleges. 并不是所有的大学都允许延期录取,特别是对于那些通过提前录取录取的学生.
  • All colleges require financial aid applicants to complete the FAFSA. 在线完成FAFSA www.fafsa.ed.政府. Some colleges also require financial aid applicants to complete a second form, 称为CSS配置文件, generally within a few weeks of the application deadline. 去 www.美国大学.com. If you will be applying for financial aid, 让你的父母收集完成FAFSA和CSS档案所需的信息, 适当的.


  • Continue the application process. 观察期限, especially priority deadlines and Early Decision, 提早行动, and Single Choice 提早行动 deadlines. 在截止日期前至少三个星期(不包括学校假期)向学院咨询办公室提交所有申请.
  • Follow up on requested recommendations.


  • 如果第七学期的成绩要送到学院,通知学院咨询人员. If you have not done so, submit the Mid-Year Report form.
  • 在12月1日之前,将所有申请在1月截止日期前提交给学院咨询办公室.
  • 通知学院咨询人员所有早期决定/早期行动的回应. 如果您收到有约束力的提前决定录取,请撤回其他申请.
  • When specified, apply for housing as early as possible. 检查退款政策.


  • Study for final exams; seventh semester grades are important.
  • Send thank you notes to individuals who wrote your recommendations.
  • Submit all applications with a 2月 1st deadline by 1月 11th.


  • Notify the College Counseling staff of all college responses (acceptances, 否认, 候补名单, 取款, deferrals) and all scholarship offers.
  • 注册AP考试.


  • 当你收到大学的决定时,继续通知大学咨询部门, scholarships and financial aid packages.
  • See the college counseling staff to analyze your options.
  • After comparing acceptances and financial aid packages, make a decision.
  • 向你计划就读的学院提交入学意向表和入学保证金. Make necessary housing arrangements.
  • 尽快通知其他已经录取你的大学,你将不会参加. Note that students must declare their intentions by 五月。 1. Watch this deadline very carefully.
  • 如果你收到通知,被列入一个或多个你想参加的学校的“等待名单”, accept that opportunity if you like, but be certain to send a deposit to a college that accepted you outright.
  • Notify the College Counseling department of your decision.
  • If you plan to pursue a gap year program, 你必须得到你下一年就读的学院的书面延期通知.


  • Request that your final transcript be sent to the college you will attend.
  • 参加AP考试.
  • Don’t succumb to senioritis. 据悉,如果成绩严重下降,大学将取消录取.


毕业! Remember that even after you graduate, ICJA咨询部门可以提供澳门威尼斯人网上赌场选择专业或转学的建议.

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